About Me


  • Personal Information - I was born in Ampthill in 1962. After severe illness during the 1990's I have been passionate about doing more for my community. You can find out more about me and my fight against leukaemia at by visiting my Ampthill.Info Website
  • Councillor:

    • Ampthill Town Councillor - 1997 to present day
    • Ampthill Town Mayor - 2005/2006
    • Mid Beds District Councillor (Independent) - 2007 to 2009
    • Central Bedfordshire Councillor (Independent) - 2011 to 2015 & 2019 to the present

  • Work - I work for a Local Community Development Charity, namely Community Voluntary Service (your local Council for Voluntary Service), where I am the Information Officer/Funding & Development Officer. Find out more at www.cvsbeds.org.uk
  • Volunteering - I'm a Trustee/Committee Member of the following organisations:
    • Ampthill & District Good Neighbours - Founder & Chairman of this community care scheme, whereby those that can help voluntarily offer help to those in need in Ampthill, Millbrook & Maulden - find out more at www.ampthillgoodneighbours.info
    • Mid Beds Citizens Advice Bureau - providing advice on all matters from their base in Ampthill. I'm a former volunteer and now a trustee - learn more at www.midbedscab.org.uk
    • Mid Beds Hospice at Home Volunteers - provides befriending & respite services for local terminally ill patients
  • Webmaster & Creator of:
    • Ampthill - Past., Present & Future (www.ampthill.info) - with the aim of informing, engaging, empowering the residents of the town


  • Ampthill Welcome Pack - developed this resource for residents old & new. You download a copy of this useful resource from www.ampthill.info/page61.htm 
  • Ampthill Essentials Leaflet - developed this resource for residents so you can have those essential contacts close at hand. You download a copy of this useful resource from www.ampthill.info/page61.htm
Ampthill Essentials Leaflet

An A4 sheet of all those essential phone numbers, such as doctors, your councillors, Ampthill Town Council etc

Download: Ampthill - Essential Information Sheet

If you require any more information on how to develop a Welcome Pack for your community contact me at mark.andrew.smith@hotmail.co.uk