Standing Up For Clophill

Councillor Mark Smith for Clophill 

Your Independent Candidate to represent Clophill on Central Bedfordshire Council. As your Central Beds Councillor, I will work tirelessly to tackle local issues and stand up for what matters. Namely, say:

  • Yes to guarding against the overdevelopment of Clophill
  • Yes to Independent Scrutiny of Central Beds Council
  • Yes to better infrastructure for Clophill
  • Yes to helping you and your neighbours
  • Yes to helping local businesses thrive
  • Yes to being kept informed
  • Yes to being independent


Local Issues & Solutions

Guarding against overdevelopment - Central Bedfordshire Council does not have an adopted Local Plan, which has left communities, like Clophill, fighting a rear-guard action against speculative planning applications from developers.

Central Bedfordshire Council is letting Clophill residents down by not co-operating with other authorities and getting their local plan adopted. For this reason, I believe that Clophill should persist with developing their Neighbourhood Plan.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? In very simple terms, this is: 

  • A document that would set out the planning policies for your village - planning policies are used to decide whether to approve planning applications.
  • Written by the local community, the people who know and love your village, rather than the Local Planning Authority, namely Central Beds Council.
  • A powerful tool to ensure the community gets the right types of development, in the right place and determines what associated infrastructure should be provided. 

More details about Neighbourhood Planning: 

Supporting Clophill's Aspirations as a Community - in my previous time as a Central Beds Councillor, it was very evident that Clophill was a very aspirational community (e.g. the development of the Clophill Eco Lodges and the preservation of St. Mary's by The Clophill Heritage Trust). The village has been very adept in bringing in external funding to enable aspirations to be realised. I fully support the community in making Clophill an even better place to live.

Supporting Clophill Parish Council - I pledge my support to your representatives on Clophill Parish Council and I will assist them with their decision making to the best of my ability.

More details about Clophill Parish Council: 

Speeding - I pledge to support the community's efforts to combat speeding.

Keeping Clophill Informed - I pledge to keep you informed of my actions as your representative on Central Bedfordshire Council.

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