Independents for Central Beds

 Independents for Central Beds


Party-Free Politics in Central Beds - Encouraging independent local candidates to stand in Central Beds Council ElectionsWhat the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum showed was peoples disillusionment with Part Politics. 'Independents for Central Beds' provides an alternative for when you come to cast your vote in 2015.

QUESTION: What have the Central Bedfordshire villages of Barton-le-Clay, Cockayne Haltey, Dunton, Edworth, Everton, Eyeworth, Gravenhurst, Potton, Shillington, Silsoe, Sutton, Tempsford and Wrestlingworth in common?

ANSWER: They have all chosen to elect an Independent councillor to Central Bedfordshire Council 2015. Residents in those towns and villages have recognised that councillors who can devote all of their energies to looking after your interests are better than those who have a split loyalty between you and a political party whose leader may be telling your councillor what to do, even if it's not in your residents' best interests.

4 Reasons to be Independent 4 Central Beds

  1. 99% of people do not belong to political parties
  2. Whilst other councillors allegiances may lie first with their party and second with their community, an Independent will place interests of their community first.
  3. Central Beds Council requires Independent Scrutiny
  4. Arguably Party Politics has no place in Local Government
Could You be an Independent Councillor for your area?

Independents for Central Beds helps people to stand as candidates Central Beds Council elections.

If you think you might be interested in standing for the council as an independent, we want you to get in touch.

Your Current Independent Central Beds Ward Councillors
  • Barton-le-Clay - Cllr Ian Shingler
  • Potton - Cllr Adam Zerny
  • Silsoe and Shillington - Cllr Alison Graham

Visit their pages on the Independents for Central Beds site to find out more and to contact them to find out how they can help you in making the election day in May 2019 Independent's Day, when you could stand as an independent candidate in your ward






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