Councillor Mark Smith believes in People not Politics

  Petty Party Politics has no place in Local Government



Welcome to my website. I am an Independent Councillor and am privileged to have been an Ampthill Town Councillor since 1997. In the past, I was additionally a Mid Beds District Councillor from 2007 to 2009 and a Central Bedfordshire Councillor from 2011 to 2015.

Standing for Central Beds Council & Ampthill Town Council on 2nd May

I am standing in the 2019  Election for Central Beds Council and Ampthill Town Council as an Independent. Please explore my councillor website and please consider voting for me on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

To assist in those deliberations please visit the following pages: 

My Ampthill, Maulden & Clophill Election Leaflets

Cllr Mark Smith - Election Leaflets for Central Beds Council  

During April in the lead up to the Thursday 2nd May election, I will be delivering nearly 6000 leaflets to the residents of Ampthill, Maulden and Clophill, with help of volunteers. if you can't wait to receive my leaflet you can download a copy for your community from the downloads detailed below:



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Your Views are Important to Me

I believe Politicians do not know best! What are your issues? Let me know. This will enable me to better represent you:


Report It

I've created a page where you can report such issues as Highway Matters, Fly-Tipping, Abandoned Vehicles, Dog Fouling, a Breach of Planning, Changes that affect your Council Tax, Abuse of vulnerable adults, Abuse of a Child, a Benefit Fraudster & Anti-Social Behaviour. You can also find details of reporting issues to the Police, Ampthill Town Council. Visit my 'Report It' Page

Email me at or ring me on 07896124933


Learn About Me

Discover my proven track record of community service and my fight against severe illness. Find out more via the following pages....


Learn How I Can Help

Discover how in my role as an Ampthill Town Councillor I can help you. In addition, I've compiled details of help you can avail yourself of and sources of funding. Find out more via the following pages....

  • How Can I help You - as your Ampthill Town Councillor
  • Help Available for You - I've compiled this page as there are many help organisation (mostly in the voluntary sector) that can help you as you navigate life's many challenges. It's well worth visiting this page to see the plethora of help that is potentially available for you on a local and national level
  • Funds available for local residents - I've compiled this page as you may not be aware but there are funds available both locally and nationally can assist you in the areas of particular social welfare and education. It's worth paying a visit to this page just to see if you are eligible for these funds


Learn How to become empowered

Discover how you can become more empowered! Too often you can feel defeated by the system and bureaucracy. I've tried to pull together a number of tools which I hope will better equip to tackle those in power. Find out more via the following pages....
  • Empowering You - details the principles of Empowerment, how to set up a petition and how the Localism Act gives communities new rights and powers
  • Standing as a Councillor - every 4 years there are elections for Ampthill Town Council and Central Beds Council. Indeed the next election is in May 2019. So if you want to influence local decision making why not stand. I've compiled all the information you will need to make an informed decision, plus you can always contact me to find out more.
  • Influencing Planning Decisions - this page gives you information about where to find details of proposed developments and how you can make representations for or against a particular development
  • How to make a Freedom of Information Request - after you've exhausted all avenues in obtaining information from local bodies you may consider making a Freedom of Information Request. This page contains details about the process of making such a request
  • Campaigning - sometimes local issues arise that require action. This page gives you details about running a successful campaign
  • Communicating your message - this page details all the means of getting your message heard locally with links to all the local publications, websites, local social media outlets and local media


Learn about Being Independent & Becoming Independent

Discover why you don't need to belong to a political party and why party politics has no place in local government. Find out more via the following pages....


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